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Find out how doing yoga with Fay will help you reach your fitness and health goals

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Yoga is for everybody

And that means you too

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Healthy Body & Mind

The wellness blog provides tips on living a healthy life

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Breath & Relax

Yoga lowers stress hormones which in turn allows you to enjoy a better quality of life!

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Meet Fay

I'm a nutritionist and fitness professional and I will help you achieve your goals

Why choose yoga?

Read why yoga provides the optimum level of exercise for your joints and muscles

Nutrition Counseling

Whether you want drop pounds or gain muscle, my nutrition counseling has you covered

Healthy Body & Mind

The health and wellness blog provides tips on how to live your best life, healthfully!

"Fay is one of the greatest and most inspirational instructors I have ever had the honor to have been guided by. The way she so clearly explains each pose gives me the confidence to try anything. I enjoy her classes so much that I am always shocked by how sore (the good kind) I am the next day.” Kayla Freeman, Los Angeles, CA